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1918 Randolph Road
Charlotte, NC 28203


Patient Testimonials

"Staff members at American Health Research are caring, knowledgeable, and professional. The staff greets me with smiles at every visit and to me this is the best medicine in the world. It’s a smile of hope!! I am happy to be a part of American Health Research. They are working hard to improve the quality of health for people with respiratory diseases." - Ardrell

"I was diagnosed with COPD in 2004, and became a participant in clinical studies at AHR almost non-stop since 2008. The staff is completely professional in their attention to study protocols, while being totally attentive to the needs and comfort of the patients. I cannot recommend them more highly." - Stan

"I have enjoyed doing the COPD studies because of the very friendly staff. They all do their jobs very efficient and professional and they make you feel like you are at home. You are in good hands while you are here in a study." - Ted

"I am in my 3rd study with American Health Research. Dr. Spangenthal has really set the standard for a friendly, professional and caring staff. I enjoying being a part of a clinical trials that could potentially benefit many. The staff at AHR make it easy to be part of that process. I applaud them all." - Ed

"Having been diagnosed with COPD, I needed a lung specialist that I could trust to give me needed care. After several visits to Charlotte Lung and Health and American Health Research and working with Dr. Selwyn Spangenthal, M.D. FCCP (medical director) and his outstanding staff, I found an exceptional personal touch for my healthcare. For help with breathing with ease you should visit this facility." - Glenice